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Magnhild Press

Magnhild PressMagnhild Press (pronounced MAHG-nill) is an independent publisher of fiction and non-fiction.

Magnhild Press is dedicated to publishing quality fiction and non-fiction. We are an indie publishing company, publishing written works without the blessing or validation of a major publishing house. We wholeheartedly subscribe to Mark Coker’s (Smashwords) Indie Manifesto:

“We indie authors believe all writers are created equal, that all writers are endowed with natural creative potential, and that writers have an unalienable right to exercise, explore and realize their potential through the freedom of publication. 

I hold these truths to be self-evident:

  1. I am an indie author
  2. I have experienced the pleasure and satisfaction that comes from self-publishing
  3. I have a right to publish
  4. My creative control is important to me.  I decide when, where and how my writing graduates to become a published book.
  5. Indie does not mean “alone.”  I choose my partners.
  6. I shall not bow beholden or subservient to any publisher. In my business relationships, I seek partnership, fairness, equity and mutually aligned interests.
  7. We indie authors comprise diverse writers unified by a common purpose to advance, empower and celebrate writers everywhere.
  8. I am a professional.  I take pride in my work, and I strive to improve my craft to better serve my readers, myself, my fellow indie authors and the culture of books
  9. My writing is valuable and important.  This value and importance cannot be measured by commercial sales alone.
  10. I celebrate the success of my fellow indie authors, for their success is mine, and mine theirs. Together we are pioneering a better future for books marked by greater quality, creativity, diversity, choice, availability, affordability and accessibility.”

At this time, Magnhild Press is not accepting any unsolicited manuscripts. Thank you for visiting Magnhild Press. For a current list of our published offerings, please visit our Ebooks page.