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The Em Suite is a growing collection of novel-length stories by Djuna Shellam that are all connected to one character—Mary-Mackenna Martín, also known as Em. It is our recommendation that the series be read in order.

While each book was (and will be) written to standalone should someone happen across one or two out of order in the series, the series has a much greater impact for the reader if it is read in order. Because there are twists and suspenses in earlier books that are mentioned or alluded to in later books, if read out of order, those twists and suspenses lose some of their impact. HOWEVER… our recommendation is just that. It is not for Magnhild Press or the author to dictate for the reader how the reader wishes to enjoy The Em Suite, as our sole wish is that our readers simply enjoy The Em Suite.


by Djuna Shellam

The Em Suite—Book One

TITAHTwo women are stationed on a remote base in West Texas in the mid-1970’s. Worldly Alice is notorious for changing teams without notice. Em is shy and seemingly sheltered. Despite their differences, their relationship blossoms into a forbidden one. Too quickly… More


  • MACKENNA on the EDGE

by Djuna Shellam

The Em Suite—Book Two

MOTEIn this sequel to The Incredible Transformations of Alice Hollywood, nearly twenty years have passed since the fiery crash changed Em’s life forever. A recent, life-altering, tragedy has her in an emotional tailspin, churning up memories and regrets previously ignored. Enter Eve, an uncomfortable reminder of the past. A delicate dance of avoidance… More



by Djuna Shellam

The Em Suite—Book Three


Angry, debilitated and depressed, Em would rather just give up and die, but Dot Baverstock has other plans for Em. Enter Prairie Vaughn, aka ‘Wonder Woman.’ In the third installment of this series, we meet Prairie, the red-headed, female Casanova—a physical therapist who takes on the monumental task of bringing an unwilling Em back to life. The story takes place in 1976 through 1978 in Highland Park, California, shortly after the crash that changed so many lives; as well as in Bel Air and Palm Springs, California, in 1996, continuing on where Mackenna on the Edge left off with Em and Eve.

Back again is the fan favorite, Dot Baverstock, and a new addition… More