The Incredible Transformations of Alice Hollywood

The Incredible Transformations of Alice Hollywood by Djuna Shellam

The Em Suite—Book One


Alice Hollywell, the young spitfire from Hollywood and her best friend, the poor little rich girl Em Martín from nearby Bel Air, CA, are stationed on a remote military base in West Texas in the mid-1970’s.

Worldly Alice “Hollywood” Hollywell is notorious for changing “teams” without notice. Em is shy and seemingly sheltered and has a secret. Despite their differences, their friendship blossoms into something they never imagined. The arrest of their friend Whitey, and rumors about an investigation into his friends and associates creates a frightening environment, complicating everything.

On base, and particularly within their inner circle, the atmosphere is rife with suspicion and fear. Alice and Em realize the military is a very dangerous place for them, and quickly find themselves in the middle of a rabid witch-hunt. Decisions are made with disastrous consequences.

Alice Hollywood is a bonafide page turner. Leading the reader down a road of what’s next and through myriad subplots, this multi-dimensional story and its equally dimensional characters are a reader’s delight. Once you start reading, you won’t want to stop, even when you read the last line. But don’t worry, because there’s much more to come! Alice Hollywood is Book One of The Em Suite Series.

The Incredible Transformations of Alice Hollywood isn’t just a love story. It’s history, intrigue, the human condition; drama, comedy and everything in-between. And in the end, it’s a love story.


Violence, Harsh Language, Adult Situations