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The Em Suite

The Em Suite

Magnhild Press Presents

The Em Suite

On Friday, May 13th, Prairie Fire, Book 3 of The Em Suite, will be available for sale exclusively on Beginning today, Book 1, The Incredible Transformations of Alice Hollywood, The Em Suiteand book 2, Mackenna on the Edge, will both have special offers to encourage readers to read them prior to reading Prairie Fire.

While all three titles can be read as standalone stories, they really were written as a continuing story; rather, as interconnected stories.

Alice Hollywood will be offered as a free download for the next two days to anyone. Mackenna on the Edge will be offered in a price countdown campaign with a beginning price of $.99 and concluding next Tuesday at its normal selling price of $2.99.

Magnhild Press does not have any plans to offer any discounts on Prairie Fire for the foreseeable future. If it happens, it won’t be until mid to late 2017.

The series revolves around Mary-Mackenna Martín, also known simply as Em, thus the title of the series, The Em Suite. Though the individual titles of Book 1 and Book 3 are named for specific characters, they are but supporting characters to the overall continuing story of Em.

In Book 1, Alice Hollywood, we are introduced to Em and seemingly where her story begins, with Alice being the catalyst of Em’s personal development. Book 2, Mackenna, jumps seventeen years after Book 1, with glimpses back in time as Em deals with her grief over the passing of her parents and unresolved issues from her past. Prairie Fire fills in some of the gap between Book 1 and Book 2, and concludes with a peak into Book 4, the in-progress Dot in the Weeds, projected for publication in 2017.

While the series begins in 1976, it spans into the 1990’s and even careens back into the 1960’s. For readers in their late forties through early sixties, this series will be a trip back to a familiar time. For younger readers, The Em Suite will give you a peak into segment of the past that your parents, grandparents or older friends experienced. When there were no cell phones, computers, voice mail, DVRs, Twitter, Facebook or anything remotely familiar in our current modern lives, and yet, we managed to survive.

Exclusive to, readers who are Amazon Prime members can take advantage of their membership by borrowing one title a month. Members of Kindle Unlimited can borrow any title any time for a monthly fee.

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