Introducing Mackenna on the Edge by Djuna Shellam

Introducing Mackenna on the Edge—The Em Suite—Book TwoMOTE

Magnhild Press is so pleased to be introducing Mackenna on the Edge, by Djuna Shellam, our 2nd title.

Mackenna on the Edge is the second installment of The Em Suite, and the sequel/prequel of The Incredible Transformations of Alice Hollywood.

Nearly twenty years have passed since a fiery crash changed Em Martín’s life forever. Now living in Los Angeles, and known as Mackenna, a recent life-altering tragedy has her in an emotional tailspin, churning up memories and regrets previously buried and ignored. In an attempt to stop her downward progression, Mackenna turns to her writing for emotional support and as a vehicle for getting to the root cause of her current mental and emotional frailty. While culling through her life for clues, the Southland is rocked by a devastating earthquake, further complicating Mackenna’s difficult self-exploration. Enter Eve, an earthquake refugee and an uncomfortable reminder of a past Mackenna has spent many years trying to ignore. A delicate dance of avoidance ensues until a devastating secret is exposed, driving Mackenna to the edge of disaster. Will Eve be the last straw, and push Mackenna over the edge? Or will she be the one to save Mackenna from the lower depths?

You can find Mackenna on the Edge exclusively at Amazon HERE. Want a sample? No problem. Simply click HERE.

Djuna is currently working on Prairie Fire, which is a sequel/prequel to Mackenna on the Edge. Additionally, we understand Djuna is also working on what she calls the “first half” autobiography. Our other authors, JL Magnhild and Rorey Ballantine are busy on their own projects, though at this time, they’ve asked we not share any details. They enjoy a good surprise, so we’re happy to accommodate them. We anticipate publishing their works sometime later this year, or perhaps early 2015.

Magnhild Press has been contemplating the possibility of producing physical copies of our publications, which at this time, is actually in the works. Initially, our focus was on ebooks, but we’ve had some inquiries on physical books which is what has prompted the contemplation, and finally the decision to go forward. In the meantime, we are confident you will enjoy Mackenna on the Edge as an ebook.

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