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Let’s Get Physical! The Em Suite Now In Paperback

Get Physical!

Let’s get physical! Going old school…After a long process, Magnhild Press is happy to announce that three of our current titles are now available in paperback.

After a long process, we’re happy to announce that three of our current titles are now available in paperback. So many of our readers have either rejected, or avoided the digital experience of reading books altogether. Simply, they want the physical book in their hands. They want the smell of the ink on the paper,Let's Get Physical! the ability to flip easily back and forth through pages. They don’t want to worry whether their book battery is charged or not, and so on.

At Magnhild Press, we often thought ebooks were the way to go—the way of the future. For a long time, we considered only offering ebooks because of the myriad advantages of electronic media. Among many reasons, the electronic publishing process is much more immediate and allows the reader to get her or his eyes on it within seconds after buying it. Someone with tricky eyes can easily magnify the text size to their own comfort level, lighting conditions are quickly modified given the current environment; and if space is an issue, how much physical space does an ebook actually take? None.

As time passed, however, we found that many of our potential readers were disappointed we were only offering digital titles. It was a great concern, not just because we were missing out, but because they were missing out. We found that unacceptable. So, with the wonderfully nostalgic Olivia Newton-John tune “Let’s Get Physical” in mind, we decided to go old school and take on the task of publishing our titles in paperback form.

Admittedly, there is something incredibly alluring about holding a physical book in one’s hands that cannot be compared. Turning physical pages, while the faintest hint of printers’ ink tickles your nose, awakening your olfactory system, is incomparable to the cold, unfeeling “page turn” experienced on a Nook, Kindle, iPad, or other digital contraption.

So yes, let’s get physical and add another title, or three, to the bookshelf, where, on dusting days, you will be reminded of the interesting, fabulous, or heartbreaking journey you took; of the laughter and tears you spilled, or whatever emotion you experienced when you read them. Get yours HERE!