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Dot Baverstock—Djuna Shellam The Write OWL—Episode 17

Dot Baverstock

Djuna Shellam The Write OWL—Episode 17

Dot Baverstock, the much beloved character in The Em Suite Series, is the subject of discussion in the Wednesday episode of Djuna Shellam The Write OWL.

As mentioned before, Dot Baverstock was a walk on character in Book One of the series, The Incredible Transformations of Alice Hollywood. Meaning, I didn’t plan her, and until her first words, “Airman!” I didn’t know she was even in the vicinity of my lead character, Alice. From that moment, I hate to admit, Dot Baverstock has essentially written herself. I am just along for the dictation.

I’ve often been asked, “Who would play Dot in the movie?” First I ask, “What movie!?!” But seriously, I’ve long thought Allison Janney would play Dot very nicely. One time I mentioned Janney as Dot to a reader and she was adamant, “NO!” Yikes. All I can say is, that’s who’s in my head when I’m writing Dot, rather, when I’m typing Dot’s words. Ha!

What’s interesting to me is that I have always loved Dot Baverstock, but I never expected many of my readers to feel the same way, if not more so. It was so surprising to me when Alice Hollywood first came out, when I would ask, “Who was your favorite?” I half expected Alice, Em or Mitch; but universally it was, “Dot. Love Dot!” Wow. Who knew?

I really wish I could take complete and total credit for Dot Baverstock, because she is so beloved, but I just can’t. I didn’t plan her. She forced her way into my story. Even in Mackenna on the Edge, Dot finagled her way in, and actually set up a prominent location and storyline in Prairie Fire. Dot Baverstock is a force of nature, and gets her way with me every time.

Dot is that person I think we’d all like to have in our lives when we need a loyal, strong, clear-headed, loving and fearless advocate. She’s the friend, and even the mom when there’s not one nearby, you want in your corner. I want her in mine, anyway. I love her and I hope, if you haven’t “met” her yet, that when you do, you will love her as much as I do.

You can “meet” Dot in any of the current installments of The Em Suite: Books One through Three HERE.