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Djuna Shellam—The Write OWL BlogDjuna Shellam

Hello! I’m Djuna Shellam, aka The Write OWL.

This is my blog. It’s how I sometimes think of myself, as a “write owl,” and it seemed to be a fitting title for my page

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Welcome to my very own page on the Magnhild Press site! Here I’ll be blogging, both with writings and video. Whilst I prefer writing, there seems to be a lot of interest in videos. Despite my personal discomfort making videos, I’ll give it a go. Why not?

As someone who writes, who is a photographer, has painted, and creates music, I’ve found there is an important thread that runs through all of the above, and that is, I’ve always been fascinated and drawn to how other artists work. Their history. What is their process? What motivates them? Influences them? I’ve almost been more interested in an artist’s life than I am their work. It is more often than not an artist’s life, rather than their work, that has inspired me.

What I mean is, I come to an artist via their work, but once I get to know them, their work becomes almost secondary. Not completely, but what made them an artist is what interests me most.

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