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scrivener writing process

My Scrivener Writing Process — Djuna Shellam The Write OWL — Episode 23

Scrivener Writing Process

Djuna Shellam The Write OWL Episode 23

In this 23rd Wednesday episode of Djuna Shellam The Write OWL, I talk about my “Scrivener Writing Process” which is strongly affected by my adoption of Scrivener as my primary writing tool.

As I mention in the video, I don’t remember how I stumbled onto it, but I know I was extremely frustrated by the clunkiness of Word and Pages; but more than that, I was beyond frustrated by the lack of seemless conversion to epub and mobi files using Word and/or Pages.

As a publisher who handles most of the production aspects of my writing, it is imperative that I be able to do most of the production tasks myself. Using Word and Pages was a nightmare. Time consuming and, frankly, unprofessional. Somehow, in searching for a conversion program, I found Scrivener and my writing and publishing life was forever changed.

Producing beautiful mobi or epub files is now a snap, but that’s really a super bonus feature. The real joy of my newfound Scrivener Writing Process is that the entire process of writing is so easy. Yes, there was a learning curve, but what’s so cool about Scrivener is that YouTube is awash with great tutorials from Scrivener and other enthusiasts. There is nothing you can’t find on YouTube if you need help.

Usually, I find it annoying to have to sit and go through tutorials, but with Scrivener, I’m happy to do it because the results I gain are so spectacular, it’s well worth the time.

The best part about my Scrivener Writing Process is that it works with my natural writing style. It also works the way my brain works, and that’s not easy to find.

My first two novels, The Incredible Transformations of Alice Hollywood and Mackenna on the Edge were written with Pages, but when I ran into walls when trying to convert the documents to epub or mobi formats, I reformatted them to Scrivener. It was a laborious process, but well worth it. Prairie Fire was written beginning to end on Scrivener in a third of the time each of the others took to write. Bottom line? My Scrivener writing process rocks.