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Writer In A New Place — Djuna Shellam The Write OWL — Episode 25

Writer In A New Place

Djuna Shellam The Write OWL Episode 25

Moving to a new place for the normal person includes a lot of new experiences. For a writer in a new place, new experiewriter in a new placences are actually fodder for stories. That’s how I see it for myself, anyway. Though I’m still in the moving process, I’m hanging out in the general region where I’ll be putting down my roots, and it is just chockfull of information I feel confident I’ll use in upcoming stories. I hope so, anyway.

In some ways, having moved from an entirely different climate with what can only be described as contrasting terrain, I am seriously experiencing sensory overload. It’s wonderful, but I’m beginning to feel as if I should start taking notes because I’m afraid I’m going to forget my first impressions as everything becomes “everyday” to me.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m in sort of a limbo state while I await the availabilty of my home. Living out of a suitcase is not my favorite thing. I thought I’d be able to write, write, write, but it’s not happening. Partly because I’m staying with my family who have their own schedules and a lot going on, so it’s difficult to do “my thing” which is hide myself away and write in my own little world. I’m here with them and I want to hang with them, so writing and making videos is getting preempted.

Oftentimes, if something must get done, I choose my video blog episodes instead of my writing. Not good. So… after pondering the whole situation for a minute (doesn’t take long to choose writing over videos) I’ve decided to put The Write OWL on hiatus. At least until I can get myself moved into my new home and make some progress on Dot in the Weeds. I’m thinking I will resume The Write OWL in September, or October by the latest. Until then, here’s a link to my YouTube channel. I’ll also be working on my blog to make my videos a little bit easier to access.

Right now I’m a writer in a new place, but next month I’ll be a writer in a different new place. So maybe I should start jotting down some notes about this place, eh?

I’ll continue blogging, but sans video. Thank you for visiting my blog.