Prairie Fire


by Djuna Shellam

The Em Suite—Book Three


Angry, debilitated and depressed, Em would rather just give up and die than get better, but Dot Baverstock has other plans for her. Enter Prairie Vaughn, aka ‘Wonder Woman.’

In the third installment of The Em Suite Series, we meet Prairie, the red-headed physical therapist—a female Casanova—who takes on the monumental task of bringing an unwilling Em back to health. Set in Highland Park, Bel Air and Palm Springs, California between 1976 and 1996, the story deftly travels back and forth in time.

Secrets, drama, heartbreak and passion offer a similar page turning and satisfying experience readers have found in The Incredible Transformations of Alice Hollywood and Mackenna on the Edge. Djuna Shellam has once again created characters you will love to love, intertwined with an entertaining and addicting story. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself laughing out loud, spontaneously crying, and maybe even standing in the shower with the cold water on full blast. It’s just how Djuna Shellam rolls.